Synchronization of multiple devices using NAS

Hi guys,

I’m new here and didn’t installed Syncthing yet because I would like to confirm if it can help me.

I have a desktop, a laptop and a NAS, all of them running Windows 10 Pro. My objective is synchronizing the user profile folders (desktop, documents, downloads, music, pictures and videos) in the desktop and laptop using the NAS as a central repository. My idea is to do this using my LAN network.

So far, I created the folder structure in NAS and installed another software in both the desktop and laptop (goodsync) for this purpose, which is executing every 30 minutes. Initially it worked fine, but the issue is when I delete a file.

Exemple of the issue: First I create files in the desktop, after at most an hour it is available in the desktop, laptop and NAS. After that, I deleted the file in the desktop, when the program runs it deletes the file from the NAS also. But, when the laptop sync it creates again the file that was deleted.

Is there any way Syncthing could solve it? Does it sync locally (LAN) or using internet connection?

Thank you in advance

Yes, this scenario would just work with Syncthing.

Even when the file is deleted in one device?

And, in this case the software should be configured in the server (NAS) or in the clients (both the laptop and desktop)?

Doesn’t matter where it’s deleted.

You install Syncthing on all three devices, connect them to each other, set up a shared folder on one device (no matter which), share it with the other two, then accept the folder addition prompt on the other two - done.

imsodin, thank you for your fast reply.

Taking the explanation you give I would setup the shared folder on my NAS, which would be the central repository and share with the desktop and laptop.

When I do this I’m just sharing the folder or the data will be available locally in each device (in this case the laptop and desktop)?

Syncthing syncs data, it makes sure the data locally on disk is the same on all devices sharing a folder.

Thank you again imsodin, you solved my all my questions.

Hi guys,

I installed and configured synchthing yesterday. After reading the documentation and ask some questions here in the forum everything became clear.

And, most importantly (for me), the sync with three devices works pretty well even when I delete a file in one of the devices the magic happens and everything is fine.

I have one more doubt, and I hope someone can clarify. I configured as follows:

  • NAS sync to desktop
  • NAS sync to laptop

This is working fine. The interface in the desktop and laptop shows just the NAS and the interface in the NAS shows both the desktop and laptop.

My doubt is if I should or not establish synchronization between the desktop and laptop. The NAS will be always on and usually or I use the desktop or the laptop, it is unusual I use both at the same time, unless I’m installing or managing something. Anyway the NAS is the official central point.

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