Synchronization mode questions

Hi all, I have two questions regarding two aspects of syncthing that are not entirely clear to me.

1- is it possible to set an entire folder (I call it folder A for convenience) with many subfolders in send-only mode on one device (let’s call it B) and on the other (let’s call it C) set the receive-only mode and simultaneously set another sync of a specific subfolder within folder A in send and receive mode on both devices B and C ?

2- in my configuration there is a folder on the pc (it is an Obsidian vault) that syncs in send-only mode with a smartphone set to receive-only mode, from the smartphone logs and from the syncthing web interface I see that it reports me some unsynchronized files or locally modified items (usually these are some configuration files of the .obsidian), I think these are messages to ignore because, as mentioned, the smartphone is in receive-only mode so the syncthing monitoring sees local changes and simply reports that it can’t sync them to the pc because of the settings, right? The syncthing interface always shows me synchronization in progress, should I leave it that way or is there any way to avoid these messages due to monitoring?


  1. You can add the same path to Syncthing twice. They will be treated as separate folders which you can configure and share differently. One caveat though is that ignore patterns are configured per path, so the two folders will share them. The rest of the configuration is separated.

  2. If the files have indeed been modified on the Android side, then it sounds like Syncthing is doing its job. You still can just disregard the local additions or add those files to your ignore patterns if you don’t want them synced at all.

Ok so for point two I’ll just ignore the messages, I can’t add those files to the ignore patterns otherwise the synchronization on the pc side that only sends won’t work either.

For the issue of point one, if I add a sync rule with different modes for a subfolder that resides within another folder that in turn already has a sync rule, it generates conflicts on the files, the same syncthing warns me as I try to create the rule.

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