Synchronization between a local forlder and a folder on my OMV6 NAS server

Dear all, i installed Syncthing on my local mac and my OMV6 NAS server, identified both machines in each interface and set up a share. Hawever, I have an error message on the Syncthing GUI of my NAS server telling :

slight_smile: 2023-03-11 16:28:54: Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-92231eb7-e8d7-49e4-8445-0aaa5c450b26: permission denied

2023-03-11 16:28:54: Error on folder “Perso” (j4pn3-veort): folder path missing

Any help would be great. Thanks, Harold

Hi Harold,

You’ll need to make sure that whichever use Syncthing is running under in OMV has permission to write to the storage volume referred to in the error (which is more than likely currently owned by root:root).

The exact details depend on how your OMV NAS and Syncthing are set up, but the easiest option might be to manually create the subdirectory (e.g. /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-92231eb7-e8d7-49e4-8445-0aaa5c450b26/Perso) you’d like Syncthing to use, then set the user and group ownership to the same user running Syncthing.

If more specific instructions are required, you’ll have to provide details about how you installed Syncthing, screenshots of the OMV volume management interface, etc.

Well, I tried to configure a folder on the NAS systrem with a shared folder “PUBLIC” (meaning all the necessary permissions no ?) and I have the same error screen (attached)

It’s running in a docker container. You should look at OMV documentation for how you’re supppsed to map volumes into that container profusely, and how to set permissions.

No, not necessarily, especially when working with containers (likely a Docker container). The container is like another computer with its own users that don’t align with the users on the host OS (in your setup, OMV).

The trick is to get the permissions on the host OS matching up with the permissions inside the container OS:

Search this forum for “docker” and it’ll turn up a number of earlier posts with tips. The problem isn’t an issue with Syncthing, but rather with learning the ins and outs working with Docker.

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