Synchronization across three devices

Hello! I wondering if it’s possible to sync the Word and Excel files on my laptop with my tablet and phone. I’d like to be able to make changes on both the laptop and tablet and view the files on my phone. I will be grateful for your help!

Short answer is, yes.

If the tablets and phones are iPads and iPhones, the path is a bit more complicated due to restrictions in iPadOS and iOS. But if it’s all Android, it’s very straightforward (if external storage such as a SD card are involved, there are a couple of caveats, but still generally not an issue).

On the laptop, Windows, Mac or Linux are all good.

It’s a good idea to check out Syncthing’s documentation, especially the intro and FAQ before getting started:

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Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot to mention that I have an Android tablet and phone and a laptop running Windows 10.

One more thing, please. Is it possible to restrict the ability to make changes on one of the devices, like the smartphone, and only allow viewing files?

No problem. That combination will work just fine.

Because it’s a mix of different operating systems, enabling “Ignore Permissions” (the default in the Android app) is recommended. If files are also syncing from Android to Windows, it’s also helpful to ignore permissions.

Indirectly, yes. Each Syncthing folder can be set to “Send & Receive” (default), “Send Only” or “Receive Only”.

So on the smartphone, set the Syncthing folder to “Receive Only” and the device doing the sending will ignore any changes from the smartphone.

When there are changes, the receive-only device will pause the folder and prompt for manual intervention, with the option to override any changes so it’s in sync with the sender.

Syncthing’s Folder Types page has an expanded explanation.

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Thanks! You have helped me a lot!

Actually it will NOT pause the folder, but just display out of sync status.