Synchronise 2 computers via internet


I want to synchronise 2 computers via internet and direct connection. Not only one folder, I want to synchronise all data.

is this the right tool to do so?

I use goodsync now, and I am happy with it, but there is still this bad feeling, that I dont know if somebody from goodsync is looking into my data

Welcome to Syncthing!

I think Syncthing can be the right tool for you. Syncthing is safe and secure and transfers (as you wish) data directly. Syncthing does not limit the number of folders or files, so you can pretty much sync everything on your computer. You only need to be careful with certain data like databases or for example Github repositories.

Please note: Syncthing requires both computers to be on at the same time, so the data can be transferred.

this is great.

is there any way, that the tool aks me, before it starts to synchronise, especially if it goes both directions, sometimes there are conflicts.

SO I can decide which way to go

Syncthing handles conflicts automatically. The newer file wins (I think) and the other one is placed as {filename}.conflict-{timestamp}.ext (or something like that).

There is no way to do that manually, especially as syncthing has no native interface, which could pop up or something.

how does work out for you guys. does any one have problems with that, or does it work out in practice?

FOr me it feels good to see what is going and and maybe intervene.