Synching with Synology NAS and Mac

Actually my actual version on my Mac (MBA and iMac) is still V11 and same on my Syno NAS. Can I upgrade to V12 with V11 running on my NAS ? Thanks for your answer.

v0.11 cannot talk to v0.12, no.

But you can upgrade to v0.12 on your NAS. Depending on the model, the default Linux build (x86, x64, arm) will work.

Thanks guys but still waiting for V12 release to be available : I connected this morning on Syno site as indicate day Synching page link and version is still V11. Is V12 really available for MAS (Syno DS212J) and where ? Thanks

Sorry for non correct spelling (MAs is NAS, indicate day for indicated, …)

According to Synology forum and wiki, your NAS has an ARM SoC. So you can replace the Syncthing binary with the official arm release from here.

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