Synching to another machine at remote location

I have been using syncthing for about 2 months and LOVE IT!!! i have replaced my onedrive account and drop box with this.

Here is my current setup:

at home my pc has a folder named “cloud master”. On my laptop, i have a file called “cloud drive” these two folders are what are synched in syncthing.

What i would like to do accomplish next, if possible, and within the scope of syncthing, is to have my folder at home called “cloud master” send updated/new/files to another machine at a location about 3 hours from my house, lets call it “remote storage” for lack of a better name.

I do not want “remote storage” to send any updates of the files to “cloud master” or “cloud drive”. I only want “remote storage” to receive the newest version of files and keep them safe. IE, if a file changes or is added to the laptop “cloud drive” it will be synched with the “cloud master” folder, then also sent to the “remote storage”

is this possible, and if so, is it a good idea?


In Syncthing, there’s no real concept of a “master” device, i.e. all devices are equal. You’re of course free to connect with each other as many devices as you wish. If you want to be extra sure that the “server” doesn’t accidentally push any local changes to other devices, you just need to set all its folders to Receive Only.

Also, you haven’t written this explicitly, but if you want to keep deleted files there as well, I’d suggest to use your preferred type of file versioning for that purpose.

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ok, so on the “remote storage” i set to receive only? I only want the one pc that is in the office, 3 hours from me, to receive updates and not push. I need the PC at home to sync with my laptop AND the office pc, but only the laptop will send back to the home pc… if that makes sense.

Yeah, i all it “cloud master” because its the dedicated PC i have at home. Laptops are always designated as something else such as “cloud drive” I think of my desktop as the MAIN component of everything i do. Its the head of my network sort of speak

One idea i am trying out that might be better is using a mapped network drive and have windows 10 just auto copy and paste to the network drive.

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