Synching as file server?

Hello folks. Have done some reading but not found what I was looking for. I’m currently looking at a home cloud type setup and the main options seem to be owncloud or nextcloud but then I saw syncthing, which I really like. I already have a media server so am looking for it do backup of photos and file serving. However I don’t want the files syncing to my devices. I just want to be able to browse through, select the file I need, download & edit and then have the modifications saved back to the cloud master copy. Is this something that syncthing can do for me? Thanks for your time and hope someone can steer me right.

Sorry, no.

Thanks Martin. Obviously very disappointed but appreciate it’s not what it was intended to do.

You could have a look at GitHub - filebrowser/filebrowser: 📂 Web File Browser which is maybe what you are searching for

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