Synching 100% - Nothing happens

I’m on syncthing v0.14.5. My network has four nodes. One of these nodes acts as an always-on server that distributes the data to all other clients who are online at different times of the day. Another node is a MacBook with the latest beta version of iOS (Sierra).

I have an issue that most probably was caused by the incompatibility of syncthing and Sierra starting with beta 3 or 4, which somehow vanished with beta 7:

When I try to sync the Sierra machine with the server, the progress bar stops at 100%, tells me “synching” forever, but no data is sent or received (in/out 0B). The server tells me the corresponding info.

Could you guys please tell me what to do? I tried to rescan on Macbook + server, restart the server syncthing process, etc.

Update: I found similar reports. Some suggest to remove the index files. Should I do that on ALL nodes in the network or just the server / sierra host? And do I do that on all machines at the same time or in a specific sequence?

BR Holger

Mismatched ignore patterns? A missed .DS_store or similar file can be worth 0.0023% or whatever and look like “100%, syncing”.

Thanks Jakob!

I checked on MacBook and server. There were no ignore patterns specified.

However, I found in all folders files named similar to .sync-conflict-20160902-115352.DS_Store

I added an ignore pattern to all machines/synced folders like that

  // OS-generated files (OS X)

Nothing changed for the stalled syncing.

There seems to be some interesting side effects to adding the ignores after index exchange now delta indexes have been implemented.

I could be wrong but I think this could be your issue. Try Alex’s solution.

Yes, ignores are crap with delta indexes in 0.14.5. The situation will be improved in 0.14.6 released tomorrow.

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