Synced files have different checksum

Is there a way to initiate a full scan and re-sync individual files. I sync quite a few large video files and almost all that have synced over the last month or so have different checksums and do not play (corrupt).

I have disabled syncthing on the destination system and deleted the index. On restart a full re-scan and re-index was undertaken but the files remain unchanged and unwatchable.

Both systems are v0.13.4 on Solaris 11. I have been using syncthing since v10.10 and haven’t had these issues in the past.

I’m pretty certain it’s not a hardware problem. When I encounter a bad video, I’ve been able to source/download the file locally and replace the file that syncthing originally created. That file plays fine, as well as other files on the device that don’t sync with anything.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

A rescan rescans files if the mtime has changed. If the content has changed and the mtime hasn’t, it’s probably when you’ll end up in some broken weird state.

If you remove the index, the files will be rescanned, but it doesn’t mean they will be redownloaded/corrected, because version history is lost and it should cause a conflict.

I guess you need to touch/modify the files on the healthy side for them to be picked up

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