Sync works fine from 2 computers at home, but not with classroom computer

I bought the cheapest sync version. I installed sync on two computers sitting side-by-side on my home office desk in Win C\sync. Works great! But when I installed sync on the computer in my classroom (I’m a teacher) at Win C:\ sync, I can’t see files I saved in my sync folder on my home computer when searching with File Explorer (Windows 10). I can open on my school computer, and then after a few clicks, can finally open the home-saved file. With Dropbox, I used to see those files right away on my school computer in File Explorer. The same problem occurs when I save a file on my school computer and then try to open it at home. Dropbox started out great but got really frustrating after awhile. I hope Sync is better.

Bruce Ratcliffe

I think you must have confused two different synchronisation solutions. The one you linked to and Syncthing ( have nothing to do with each other.

Thanks for the response, Tomasz. I don’t know anything about syncthing, in fact, when, out of curiosty about your reply, I went to synchthing, I found myself at a website In’d ever been to before. I CAN get to my files by going to, but, as mentioned, it takes multiple clicks and waiting, unlike between the two computers on my desk at home.

Yeah, so just to reiterate, this forum is about Syncthing, not :wink:. If you need help with the latter, you will have to use their support channels.

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TOMASZ! Thanks so much–I had no idea! On a side note, if you are a Syncthing user, I’m curious if you think that my problem would be solved with Synchthing instead of sync.


Well, it depends what you end goal is. Syncthing is a free and open source application that synchronises files between multiple devices in real time. It doesn’t use any central server (also known as “cloud”), so at least two devices need to be on at the same time for the synchronisation to work. For smooth operation and to avoid conflicts, I would recommend having at least one device that is always on.

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