Sync website files to home server

Is it possible to set up Syncthing to sync my website files on my cents vps to my home server on a Linux box running cents as well?

I saw and read about how it creates a URL to setup the sync but I don’t want that open to the world. So how would I do it using ssh?

No idea what you mean by creating an URL. Syncthing communicates with its own protocol over tcp. You need a way to discover the other device (local/global discovery or fixed IP) and an open port (forwarded or upnp) on one of the two devices (usually port 22000) to sync - nothing is exposed. To access the web UI on the vps, you can either expose it secured with a login or create an ssh tunnel to access it “locally”.

What i mean buy accessing it url. I mean that one you install it there is a gui to access and make changes and so on. So I dont want that access available to the world because its not password protected.

How would I access it with a ssh tunnel locally ? I am not sure what you mean by that.

I think there are some explanations about ssh tunnels in the docs, yet it requires it to be setup in a certain way I think.

I don’t know about the docs, but it’s just a regular ssh tunnel. By default the Syncthing UI is accessible at localhost:8384, so on the homeserver you’d run something like ssh -fN -L 8385:*yourVPSIP*:8384 and then you can access the Syncthing UI belonging to the VPS on the homeserver at localhost:8385.

Not really good with ssh only basics. What does the -fN -L do ?

So are you saying from my home server via gui I will be able to connect to my VPS like if i was logged in my VPS ?

What do you want to do - access the VPS Syncthing UI without logging into the VPS and without exposing the UI?

-L is the main thing, it establishes the forwarding. -fN makes it go to the background and without executing a command (man ssh can tell you all about that).

I looked around and didnt see a way to install this on CentOs. Can you help ?

“This” as in Syncthing?

Thank you

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