Sync using tethering connection (USB ethernet or Wi-Fi)

I’m using an tethering connection between my laptop (Ubuntu) and my phone (Oneplus 5, Android 8.1.0) and I’d like to sync between my devices.

How can I sync between my devices with USB or Wi-Fi tethering? There is no ‘ethernet’ option in Settings.

Tethering over Wi-Fi or USB ethernet doesn’t make any difference. In both cases the Wi-Fi is not connected (as as client) or disabled.

It should just work if you don’t have any specific run conditions enabled. I don’t think they will be able to discover each other locally as I suspect tethering does not establish a lan, even if it does, I suspect broadcasts will be disabled, so it will either connect via external ips or even relays.

No, it doesn’t. I have no run conditions, but Syncthing asks me if I want to change them when both mobile data and Wi-Fi are disabled.

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When I disabled Wifi, enable USB tethering and having no mobile internet (real use case: I travel by train to my work and have no mobile connection for about 30 minutes) I get an error message by Syncthing: ‘No network connection or airplane mode enabled’.

While writing this message, I discovered the ‘Run when device is in flight mode’ option. Maybe this solves my problem :slight_smile:.

Yeah if you’ve no connection to the outside world you need to configure your run-conditions in the Android wrapper, otherwise it won’t start. Any issues other than that?

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