Sync ubuntu root file system / without additional mounted folders

Hi Syncers,

I would like to use to syncthing to sync my ubuntu desktop (always running) and my ubuntu notebook. Everything I do on the notebook should be changed on the desktop and the other way around.

The desktop has additional USB drives mounted which I would not like to sync.

So sync / without the mount folder.

Can I do that with Syncthing and if so, how?

Thank you very much


You should not do that, the root filesystem contains things like /proc/mem which is a way to access your whole ram and so on.

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Thank you for your helpful reply.

I often install software like python or r packages and would rather not want to install them on both system every time. Will Syncthing be of any help?

Thx you very much


No, Syncthing will not be of any help. Even if you managed to ignore all the parts that should not be synchronized (/proc as mentioned, every little thing in /etc that is system specific, log files that should be system specific, pid, status and lock files that are system specific, and so on), Syncthing does not synchronize user and group ownership of files.

Do not attempt this. It will not work.

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