Sync Trayzor with Syncthing


I use SYNC Trayzor with Syncthing now. Does anyone have experience with that?

I get this error Message in endless loop. I cleaned the recycle.bin on both machines…but still this error message.

[KAIR2] 09:00:40 INFO: Puller (folder “Film”, file “$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-111111114-1111111110-11111111111-1000\desktop.ini”): dst create: open \?\F:$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-111111114-1111111110-11111111111-1000~syncthing~desktop.ini.tmp: Zugriff verweigert [KAIR2] 09:00:40 INFO: Puller: final: open \?\F:$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-111111114-1111111110-11111111111-1000~syncthing~desktop.ini.tmp: Zugriff verweigert

Are you trying to sync an entire drive?

yes, is that a problem?

Yes, you are also trying to sync files your user does not have access permissions, e.g. the recycle-bins. You will need to ignore those.

Currently I would not recommend syncing the top-level of an NTFS volume for this reason, because the .stignore and it’s consequences could be tricky.

You should definitely exclude the recycle bin from sync. Add $RECYCLE.BIN to the file .stignore on that drive (create that file if it does not exist or use the ignore patterns when editing the folder in Syncthing.

You should also exclude all other system folders like System Volume Information.

After that restart Syncthing on both devices and the error should be cleared.

As this is not your system drive and only contains data files, I think there should not be a real problem syncing it.

By the way: This has nothing to do with SyncTrayzor just Syncthing itself.

Just beware of the consequences of adding files already (potentially) in the index to .stignore, it will attempt to delete them on the receiving side (at least it did once to me).

Compare the documentation.

Great, it works…for now :wink:

I have another question, maybe you can help me with that too. Just for understanding.

a) I have folders with Global and Local State If 100% “Up to Date”, this means, that all the data is scanned and synced.

Then there is this section for the other computer showing “syncing”

I am not 100% sure how to deal with those 2 sections. Why are there those 2 sections.

If folders show “Up to Date”, why is the other section Syncing?

For me it is confusing

b) If one computer is 100% synced, this should mean, that the other computer is 100% synced too.

But on my machine one computer is ready with syncing, and the other is still at 50%. This does noit make sense to me.

It is not 100% clear to me, what you mean by section. If you mean the difference between the folder list on the left and the device list on the right it is like that:

The left list is the data/status of your local node (if you have all the data), the right list show the remote status (if that device has all the data).

Long explanation:

The folder on the left is the status of your current node (to which the current WebUI belongs). So if local and global state is the same and it says that is is up to date means, that there is no change (new, changed, deleted file) on another node, which needs to be synced to the current node.

The device list on the right shows the status for sending changes to other nodes. So if you add a file on your local node, it will be scanned and add to the local and global index, so your local state is “up to date” as soon as the scanning is finished. The devices on the right, which you sync the data with, will change to “syning” state, as there are changes to be send to this device(s). Unfortunately the percent indicator is not accurate according to data size, but according to folder completion. If you share 2 folders with a device, with one synced 100% and one 0%, the device will show 50%, no matter the size of the folders.

Great, that helped, thanks

Also make sure you don’t sync AppData, except perhaps carefully selected folders. Many programs use AppData to store their configuration data, and they won’t like it being changed underneath them. In particular, you must not sync AppData\Local\Syncthing or AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor, or Very Bad Things will happen.

Yeah, you should really not sync your system drive or user folder on windows, as most of the data needs to be excluded to prevent problems with the system or programs.

alondans is syncing a data drive (F:), so this should not be a problem, as long as the few system folder like system volume information or recycle bin are excluded.

One point worth noting additionally: if you are syncing to the root directory of another drive on the other host, make sure to apply the same excludes, since .stignore is not synced.

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