Sync to NAS questions

The wife has two pc’s she uses, a desktop and a laptop. I want to use a NAS to sync her large music folder on both. (I can’t sync direct - only one is ever on at a time) To save electricity, i don’t want to employ a third PC. I also do not want to use cloud/drive/dropbox/onedrive.

Her data folders are pushing close to 1TB.

I have two NAS boxes i can use, both can hold two drives so i can use spare drives and have capacity to hold her data. Neither seems to handle syncthing natively.

  1. D-link DNS-323
  2. Buffalo LinkStation LS-WVL 965

Is there a way to add syncthing to either of these?

Is syncthing able to remote manage a dumb share and sync to it?

Or is there a better way to make this work?


Why don’t you use those devices as they are meant to be used, and just mount them as network storage to keep the folder in question on those devices?

Sure, you can probably try to point syncthing at remote storage, but you might as well just use the remote storage instead of syncthing in the first place.

I’m intending to use the NAS as both a common sync both PC’s (and any replacements if a pc fails, like has happened in the past) and as a backup.

Her software is very picky on timing when accessing files, and needs constant access to the folders, thus network interrupts or delays are not tolerated.

syncthing normally syncs a single locally controlled folder, can it deal with two-way sync between a local folder and a remote folder?

Complicating that would be that i hope to have 2 or 3 pc’s doing the same thing, using the NAS as a common point.

Yes, i know my chances are slim, and i may be forced to go another route.

Sorry, I am not sure what you are talking about. Syncthing syncs between local storage of two machines. It will also not like latency and accessing stuff over network.

Sorry, to clarify a little:

As I understand it based on my past experience, Syncthing is normally installed on each device, and each install takes care of what is in the folder it is monitoring compared to what other installs report they have in their folders.

Since neither of my NAS boxes have syncthing, they would be just a dumb remote share.

Can a single syncthing install manage syncing two-way to/from a dumb share and it’s own folder? And if it can, what happens if installs on two pc’s try to use the same dumb share?

Does that make sense?

Forgot to mention, network latency etc slowing down syncthing is not an issue. It will only slow down sending a file, but once it does, that file is good to use.

If i host the folder on the network, i have to wory about it for EVERY file loading.

No, syncthing can’t sync a local folder to a network folder mounted on the same device. That’s effectively syncing two local (in terms of access) folders, which is not what syncthing is made for.

You can run two syncthings on the same machine, one with the local folder, one with the network folder and get them to sync between each other, but that is just a very expensive hack, there are probably better tools to sync local folders, that don’t need discovery servers network connections, fancy databases etc.

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OK, that is about what i was expecting.

Thank you for helping and responding so quickly!

Maybe I’ll get lucky and somebody else will see this post and suggest something as an alternative.

Until then, I may just have to put syncthing on both PC’s and make sure they both get left on occasionally.

If i did have to resort to having two syncthing installs on the same machine, do i need to do anything special when setting that up?

to do that, declare the home and port different from one another. Search around for the command line parameters.

Try to do it all in the same install. I’m new at this myself.

…now that I read the post…, you can use xcopy and is build-in windows from the cmd window. No need for Syncthing.

Also, unison or even rsync on a cron, or rsync execed by a filesystem watcher of some sorts.

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