Sync to Appdata folders Win10

Okay. I’m apologizing for stupidity upfront. I’ve searched this question every way I can come up with and haven’t been able to find the answer. I’m sure it’s simple, I’m just not seeing it.

Using Synctrayzor, I can set up on two machines. But I want to choose the folders that are connected. I only seem to be able to choose a folder to share on one machine without designating the synced folder from the other machine. What am I missing?

Specifically, I want to sync a configuration file from one users/Appdata/program folder to the users/Appdata/program folder on the second machine. The user names on the two machines do not match.

Thanks for any help someone can give me on this.

I suggest you follow the getting started guide on the documentation page.

Also, just to let you know, syncing app data might not be a great idea, because things like firefox etc store their databases there, and these sort of things are not supposed to be synced and most likely will lead to corruption.

I was hoping for something more than RTFM. I’ve already done that, and picking a folder to sync with isn’t listed anywhere, and doesn’t come up in any search I’ve tried.

And I’m not syncing Appdata. As I said in my original question, I’m syncing one configuration file located in Appdata on both machines. The folders are named the same thing, but their full paths are different on the different machines, and I see no way of telling Syncthing where the synced file should be put on the other machine.

If anyone else would like to give me a constructive note or link that I can read, I would greatly appreciate it.

You can only do it when accepting the folder on the remote machine. You cannot choose a path for the remote machine in advance.

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Thanks, tomasz86. That’s what I needed :slightly_smiling_face:

The request to accept the folder sync hadn’t ever showed up on the second machine, so I didn’t know I was missing something. I was able to restart Synctrayzor on both machines and got the share request, which gave me the access to the needed sync folder path.

You can always add a folder on each device (with its own paths), as long as the ids match, they will be considered the same and synced between the two devices.

Cool. I didn’t think I could override the folder ID, but that works even faster than waiting for everything to shake out during scans.

How is syncing program AppData going between your two systems, is it working about as well as you had expected?

Do you generally have to do program sync one program at a time, or have you tried sharing the entire AppData folder? How’d that go?