Sync Thing Reports Idle When Transferring Data

Hi All, I am running SyncThing v1.3.2, Linux (32 bit) on my PC and Android on my phone.

I have a Send Only folder on my phone and a Receive Only folder on my PC. When I first Plug my phone in, while at home on my WiFi network (my run conditions) the status of the folder first says Scanning, then says Idle, even if it is transferring data to my PC. Is this Expected behaviour? I personally would have expected it to say something like scanning then synchronising before it goes to idle state.

The folder on the phone is idle because it’s not syncing any changes - the PC is syncing. I agree there is some sort of counter intuitiveness in being “idle” while sending data, but that’s how things are. If it helps, consider that it’s not the folder that’s sending data but some other part of Syncthing.


I think the Android app needs a string update to say the same “up to date” like Syncthing’s web ui does.

OK, understanding that it is saying Idle because it is up to date (it is the master) I guess makes sense. If that behaviour is by design then so be it. I still feel like it should say its uploading or something…

I don’t know that “up to date” is the best option though. The problem with that is that to my uninformed view of things, the sync is not up to date because it is currently transferring data.

Thinking about this I wonder if the current Syncthing code is able to spit out a list of “currently pulled files by remotes”? This could be useful to enhance the UI. As far I understood it already has a list of files that remotes need and are expected to be pulled if not in conflict or ignored (remotely).

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