Sync Stuck at 99% on Receiver

I currently have one sending device and one receiving device. All of the folders are up to date on both ends. There is no bi-directional syncing. The receiver states it is 99% complete with 594 items, ~74.2 KiB that are out of sync. When I click the link it is empty. Is there a way to clear this cache, or force some kind of full sync, or any other ideas on how to clear this up?



Any ideas on how to clean this sync issue up?

Do the file and directory counts for the various folders match up if you expand them? Ignore patterns in use?

The item counts match in all of the folders. On the destination I have ignore patterns for my music, photos, videos. I have the following, which seems to exclude whatever the Synology NAS is doing. I suspect in regards to the Synology apps running and indexing the files. Apparently this has to do with “extended attribute directories”. @eaDir @eaDir/**

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