sync stuck at 0%, devices connected

I’m running Syncthing on a M2 MacBook Air, and Android 11 on an e-ink tablet. I have Syncthing up and running on both. They seem to recognize one another, and dno’t show ‘disconnected’ or any errors. But they don’t sync. They just sit at 0%, with the up and down speeds sometimes flickering around 40-74 B/s. What am I doing wrong here? (ETA I’ve restarted both devices.)

Please post screenshots of the Web GUI from both sides. On Android, you can access the Web GUI using the left slide-out menu.

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that did it! I didn’t know I had to add individual folders via GUI as well as the connection and destinations set up in the initial link.

Glad the quick tip helped! Please check if you haven’t already for a quick introduction to the GUI and how the basics of Syncthing work.

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