Sync stops at 88 percent

v0.12.20, Windows (64 bit)

The precess of a connected device stops at “Syncing (88%)”. All Folders show “Up to Date” and they are I think.

I tried to start: syncthing.exe -verbose But there is nothing shown that could help.

How can I figure out the problem?

Do I have to seach for the problem on the other device, that stops at 88% maybe?

Do you have ignored files anywhere?

I just have the folder .stversions

I have moved some sync-conflict files into .stversions

Not .stversions: anything in .stignore on either device?

I have never used the gui for Ignore Patterns.

OK… I have scanned my filesystem. The is no file named .stignore

I have not scanned the filesystem on the other device for .stignore jet, but I have never used the gui option.

Anything appear in the log of either device?

OK I have to check this. I will reply tomorrow. Thank you till now!

Now everything is fine.

I think it was because I invited the other device to share a folde but did not accept that on the other device yet. Hence there was something unsynced but at the same time all folder up to date.

Could that be the way it is implemented.

Thanks for your fast support. Great!

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