Sync status stuck at 100%


I’m not sure this is a bug, so raising here.

For a couple of weeks now, one of my syncthing nodes has had its sync status stuck at 100%.

  • The setup does not involve a folder master.
  • I am not using any stignore files.
  • Machine A (v0.14.23) is stuck at 100% syncing with machine B (v0.14.23 too).
  • Both machines are OpenBSD.
  • Syncthing running as a different user on each machine, but “ignore permissions” set.
  • Both sides writable by syncthing user.
  • All folders show “up to date” on machine A.

In the verbose log on machine A:

[6GUSW] 11:15:11 VERBOSE: Summary for folder "Y7mfq-LD2KT" is map[globalFiles:157 state:idle localDirectories:0 localSymlinks:0 version:2440 needSymlinks:0 localDeleted:13 sequence:2440 needDirectories:0 inSyncFiles:157 localFiles:157 needDeletes:0 needBytes:0 needFiles:0 globalDeleted:13 globalBytes:1263704 globalDirectories:0 localBytes:1263704 globalSymlinks:0 inSyncBytes:1263704]
[6GUSW] 11:15:11 VERBOSE: Completion for folder "Y7mfq-LD2KT" on device <Machine B> is 99.95283705677912%

I can’t find any info on why. The folder contents appear to be the same on both machines.

Bug, or PEBKAC?

Could be either. I’m doing some improvements around this that’ll hopefully land in the next release.

Have you used ignores on these boxes before?

Ah this is a PEBKAC I’m afraid. I was looking in the wrong folder. There were read-only files present. Sorry for the noise.

But this highlight an issue – why could syncthing not have told me that it was having issues syncing, and which file in particular? Either via the GUI, or via the verbose log? This would have saved me time.


It is certainly supposed to, on the folder on the receiving end. It should have been red and had a link to show out of sync files and their reasons.

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