Sync Speed Up and Down. Mostly Down.

When I sync from my Macbook to my Linux server, speed is up and down. It peaks at about 20 MiB/s, it spends some time at 300 KiB/s, but most of the time is 0.

It is syncing a 30 GB file of a VM, with no other Syncthing traffic and nothing else of consequence.

The machines are connected via LAN. Wireshark shows no retries and I can ping and ssh between the machines during the 0 KiB/s sync. Syncthing on both machines shows it is connected and the folder is ‘syncing’ but no traffic is moving.

I have disabled global discovery and relaying, so it isn’t trying to go off-LAN.

I checked the log on the Linux machine, and this looks likely: “pull: no connected device has the required version of this file”

I’m not clear what to do about this. On the Macbook, I use VMware and VMware updates the VM disk image. I exited VMware and the need to sync was detected, but it doesn’t seem to be able to move the file.

What do I need to do to:

  1. Clear the immediate problem
  2. Enable sync of my VM disk image on an ongoing basis

When syncing a large file like that, most of it is probably unchanged since last sync. So most of the time will be spent copying and verifying existing blocks, with intermittent bursts of downloading changed blocks.

This means the file has changed since it was scanned on the sending side. That’s totally expected for something like a live vm image, and it should clear up eventually once it’s stopped changing, as it gets rescanned on the source…

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