sync speed slow with quic wan

We are using the latest version of SyncTrayzor with syncthing 1.23.2. The sync speed is normal(about 70MB/S) within the same subnet.(quic lan)

However the sync speed is extremely slow(about 1.6MB/S) when sync with the workstation in another city.(quic wan).

None of them use a relay server

We tested the udp speed with iperf bandwidth 100M,result as below.

Have no idea what casued this, please advise



Could you switch to tcp and see if that improves the performance?

The iperf results show a pretty significant packet loss of 22%. Try lowering the bitrate until it’s consistently at, or close to, 0% and also test in both directions. The resulting bitrate will be what you can expect to realistically get rather than the raw burst speed. is on a private subnet range, so is there a VPN between the two Syncthing endpoints? What type of link is it?


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