Sync speed dropped dramatically since last updates

i use syncthing to synchronize a folder structure of about 3GB, containing about 30000 files between a win10 pc and an android device. connection is direct (no relay connection). when using it about a month ago, a full sync (all files deleted and replaced by new ones on the pc side, and then syncd to android) took about half an hour. in the mean time, my samsung phone has updated from android 10 to android 11 and the syncthing app on android has updated too. there were no changes on the pc side. now, when doing a sync, the same way i always did, this takes hours. when checking download speed on the syncthing android app, it’s in the range of 10…100KiB/s only, while it has been a few MB/s before. what might be wrong? is there a known issue with android 11?

There’s been a few threads.

I also remember something about Android now forcing previously-native file system access through a Java layer, which will certainly hurt Syncthing.


yes, i previously went through other posts and yes, having all those small files really slows down. i have another folder with only a few files of up to several GB and this is much faster. but it’s a fact that also with many small files, this was much faster before updating android and syncthing.

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It’s Android 11 . I had to cut down syncing files from ~ 20000 to ~ 3000 to lower the scanning duration. It seems to me, scanning phase in Syncthing takes the most time now.

are there any plans for a fix or is there something that can be configured differently in android 11 to get this working well again? after syncing vor about 6 hours, it’s at about 8000 out of 3000 files (600MB out of 3GB). so like that, it’s not really usable anymore ;-(

a few more tests have shown that this is really an android issue: when zipping all files to 1 archive, this is transferred to the internal memory of the android device within 5 minutes using syncthing. but then extracting the data from zip to individual files, all done in internal memory, takes about 3 hours, with extraction speed of 50…300kiB. so it’s obvious that accessing the file system under android 11 adds a delay for each file handled, whicht is no issue for large files, but if you have lots of very small files, it get’s unusable. i really wonder why such bullshit is called an improvement! is there really no way to work around this issue and get back to the performance we once had with android 10?

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Well, let’s hope for Google to fix it in 12?

I’ll jump in here since I was quoted. :slight_smile:

After my recent post, maybe a day or so ago, after doing a major reorg of my file system and thus syncThing, that the problem seems to have gone away. Even syncing my Joplin folder, previously the culprit of the “many small files issue” was blazing, with local state file count running in the double digits as opposed to the 1-3 per tick I was seeing previously.

Not sure if that’s helpful given there was no real sign as to what changed.

And with that issue now gone, it seems to have been replaced with ST not starting because it thinks I’m not connected to a network when I really am… but reboots are fixing that. Maybe time to refresh my OS.

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