Sync Speed between Datacentres

What sort of sync speed would be resonable to expect from syncthing over the wan?

I have 2 servers Syncing VM backups and I’m only getting 15Mbit/s on the largest Image. (~80GB) Yesterday when transfering a couple of the smaller files I was getting speeds upwards of 200Mbit/s

Both machines are Xeon E3’s with 32GB ram, One is an E3-1220 at the other is an E3-1225v2 at OVH.

The machine at OVH is capped at 250Mbit/s outbound but I don’t believe the inbound is capped, The one at is on a gig port but it’s via a reseller so I don’t know if it has a minimum guranteed bandwidth like some of the dedi’s do.

The sending machine (E3-1220 in has some VM’s running but they’re mostly idling so CPU usage from the VM’s is roughtly 10 - 15% the rest is available to syncthing.

The reciving machine in OVH has a virtual router running that’s idling (It’s only routing for the other VM’s which there are none at the moment, not for the host itself).

Added another folder and that’s syncing at over 300Mbit/s

Not sure if this will help, but a few things come to mind:

  1. Disable compression
  2. Increase the number of pullers (by editing config.xml)

I guess @calmh might have a better idea of what the bottlenecks are.