sync specific files


I am syncing folders like Destop/* Documents/* What I would additionally like, is a group to sync some specific files in the home dir. t.ex.

./.config/gmpc/gmpc.cfg ./.conkyrc ./.face.png ./.config/streamtuner2/bookmarks.json ./.config/filezilla/sitemanager.xml ./iot/config/core.cfg

I thought of creating a sync with the home folder as start point and specify those files in the ignore as !ignore and end with ignore * I that the way, or is there a better wat to do it?


For config files I would recommend something like a config folder with the files in question, stored under maybe ~/config, and then symlinking ~/.config/gmpc/gmpc.cfg -> ~/config/gmpc.cfg and such.

Thnx. I’ll give it a try. Sounds faster anyway since it does not need to keep an eye out on the whole home folder, nor would it conflict with underlying folders which sync induvidually

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