Sync solution that pulls files on request only


I’ve been using syncthing on my desktop / laptop / smartphone with great success so far but there’s one thing I’m kind of missing.

I’d like to be able to share a folder with other devices but the files in that folder should only get pulled / synced when they are actually requested. The idea is to share a folder which contains e.g. 1 TB of data which might exceed the storage limitations of my smart phone.

It’d be nice if I could browse that folder on my smart phone while files get pulled only when I access them. Bonus points for an automatic way to discard older files (maybe by LRU?) when a certain quota gets hit.

Is it possible to do that with syncthing? I also take hints to other sync solutions.

Thank you!

The only way to do this, and only on Android, is to use The app isn’t maintained anymore, however it may still work.