Sync slow on local LAN without relay

I have 2(3) machines on local gigabit LAN:

  1. proxmox machine with container running ubuntu/syncthing
  2. Windows laptop on ethernet, same switch
  3. also tried with another laptop on wifi

I am trying to sync 100GB+ of documents. The two laptops are already synced from before and I am now trying to add the server. I have double checked that all devices have “relay” disabled and that all of them showing other members as local 192.168… IPs. Displayed connection type is TCP LAN. The speed is mostly below 1MB/s, very rarely jumping up to 8MB/s or so. All machines are practically idling, plenty of spare CPU/RAM, no disk load.

What I did so far is to try and copy (rsync) some files around in the VM (from VM SSD to HDD RAIDZ and got 120MB/s (2.5: drives), which is good. Not sure what else I can check.

Possibly the fsync() Syncthing does per file is very slow on that RAIDZ, though I don’t think it should be (ZFS usually handles this well). You can try to disable fsync on the receiving side (it’s among the advanced folder options), otherwise I’m not sure.

Could you provide some more details about the VM/container such as what type of container it is?

With the rsync test, was that over the LAN?

Any details about where Syncthing is reading/writing files to would also be very helpful. The more details about the setup, the easier and faster the help.

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