Sync shares on demand


I have looking for a solution for days now to let user of third-party app I making, that can do pause/resume folder. Regarding the documentation, I have to completely generate a full config and POST it just to change the state of the folder (paused : true/false) and I have to restart SC too… how the web interface do it without restarting syncthing everytime pause/resume is cliked? There is another way to pause/resume a folder? Like a simple POST I missed?

Thanks by advance!

The web UI does it, so it’s clearly possible. The definition how to do it has changed over time hence I suggest you follow what the web ui is doing.

Thanks for the answer.

A friend of me just show me how to see what’s chrome doing, I can see all post and get request and I found a way to modify a json on the fly, that look to be a good start.

Indeed, the web ui don’t need to restart when pausing a folder, so that should be the same for me. I will test that and come back if that don’t work. Thanks!

Where did you get the information from that you need to restart Syncthing? That’s definitely not necessary.


Outch - that’s way too important api endpoint to have such an outdated and wrong description. I’ll change it right away.


Thanks the update :slight_smile:

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