sync samsung j6+ android ver: 8,1,0 ext sd card is not sync able..

i can sync the internal folder, but can’t access sync to external sdcard folder.

i think android 8 and above uses emulated ext sdcard condition for privacy reason. hence no longer direct accessible. i tried to use droidvim to access and store external sdcard… but the address shown on droidvim address is very weird and long… in "emulated/0/… long long address…/ "

anyway to overcome ? thanks

Wait for Android 11 final to be released :wink:

how do you know android 11 will have overcome of this issue ?

I don’t know it but expect it. And if it’s right all might have some fun.

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any idea what syncthing has todo with kde connect ?

why kde connect able to send files from my external sd card, yet syncthing can’t ? should be achievable.

I think kde connect runs on your computer? So you just view its notifications remotely and it has no access to your phone. Syncthing is a native and cannot do what java apps can do atm.

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