Sync Progress after disconnect in webinterface


Iam syncing some larger files including images made with clonezilla to install pc the same way on different places. On ervery Place a have a linux PC running Syncthing between 18:00 a clock in the evening an 06:00 a clock in the morning. My problem is, that every place has another connection to the Internet. Some are fast, some are slow, so I cant say when a image oder some other files are synced. In the webinterface you see only disconnect. The only way I see is to wait till all syncthing processes start via cron and will be connected to each other.

My thought was, it would be realy nice, if there could be something like a display in the web interface showing me how many percent of the files in the syncfolder are synced after the the syncthing process on the other machines had been stoped.

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No, because everything might have changed while you were disconnected and the numbers do not have any meaning anymore and are simply misleading

Ok I can imagine what you mean. Is there another way I havent seen yet to bypass my problem? for example dont stop the syncthing services but to set the sync on break between the working hours?

There is no way to do that. Best I can suggest is to restart syncthing when you care about the percentages.