Sync problems

I have a folder which I sync between my desktop - sysihpus and my android phone bq aqauris. The folder is send only on desktop an receive only on phone. The folder is around 38GB. Since I don’t have enough space on the internal memory on phone, I sync it to SD card. Nearly every time it synces it, there are errors with overrides. The phone uses sdcardfs, for test I have enabled ignore permission on fat file system. I don’t now I should handle them completly new synces doesn’t resovle this. I add some pics.

Debian sysiphus v1.0.0-ds1 android phone v1.1.1 from fdroid

thanks Micha

Your phone filesystem screws something up (permissions, mtime) as it receives the files which causes them to look different. See whats different by using stat command line util.

Can I change thing so that syncthing will not look for mtime and permissions, so maybe at checksum?


No for mtime, yes for permissions. Checksumming on every scan would be too expensive.

hm, if I check one of the mentioned files

on the phone:

  • zangyapro:/storage/28D0-15F4/Android/data/com.github.catfriend1.syncthingandroid/backup_fotos/desktop_borg $ stat data/0/2324
  • File: `data/0/2324’
  • Size: 17 Blocks: 64 IO Blocks: 512 regular file
  • Device: 19h/25d Inode: 35512 Links: 1
  • Access: (771/-rwxrwx–x) Uid: (10095/ u0_a95) Gid: ( 1015/sdcard_rw)
  • Access: 2018-11-23 23:00:00.000000000
  • Modify: 2018-11-24 21:27:34.000000000
  • Change: 2019-04-26 10:13:25.000000000

on my desktop:

  • /mnt/backup/fotos/desktop_borg$ LC_ALL=C stat data/0/2324
  • File: data/0/2324
  • Size: 17 Blocks: 8 IO Block: 4096 regular file
  • Device: 48h/72d Inode: 1255199 Links: 1
  • Access: (0600/-rw-------) Uid: ( 1000/ mdomann) Gid: ( 1000/ mdomann)
  • Access: 2019-02-22 21:10:45.997813312 +0100
  • Modify: 2018-11-24 21:27:35.943094344 +0100
  • Change: 2018-11-24 21:27:35.943094344 +0100
  • Birth: -

Seems to be nothing that I can do about. Disable permission check doesn’t help. Disable whatch for changes and set a time interval doesn’t help.

Will ask the developer of the rom.


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