Sync percentages are inaccurate

I’ve noticed that the reported sync percentage reported for each of the connected nodes seems to be inaccurate. Right now, I’ve got 3 active nodes, let’s call them A, B and C.

A reports that B is 100% synced and C is syncing at 67%. It’s been at that state for days now and there is no data transfer.

Node B reports being 56% synced with A and 72% synced with C.

C report that it is are 100% synced with the other nodes.

A restart sometimes fixes this issue but often I’ll just a different set of erroneous, incomplete percentages on one or more nodes.

As far as I can tell, syncthing is operating properly. This just appears to be an issue with how the sync percentage with other nodes is being calculated. The behavior showed up after I wiped and reinstalled syncthing one one of the nodes. I haven’t filed a bug since I’m not sure how generally applicable this is. Has anyone else had the same behavior?

Do you have ignores set up? I guess you could try zapping indexes (simultaneously) on all nodes to see if it helps.

Check also for mismatches in what folders are shared where. If a device reports two folders, 100% in sync, but we think they should share three repos then they will be displayed at 67%.

I have the same problem like danheidel.

My situation: One pc (OpenSuse 12.3 with SyncThing 10.5) and a phone (Android 4.2.2 with SyncThing 5.8) There are two repos to share. Master is the phone. Both device are synced well and compled. (I have check it)

On the pc the display for the device phone only show 50% Both repos on pc are green, but on one repo there is a mismatch between “Global State and Local State”

I have no ignores stet up.

On the phone Global State and Local State are equal.

It is verry hard to repoduce the problem, sometimes a restart of syncthing on both device fix the problem. I have notice that a refresh of repo on the pc could make the problem. (Then the display jump for example from 78% to 50% and than is is fix)

I hope this info will help you a little bit!

(Sorry for my bad english)

I think this might be due to lack of mtime support on Android.

I think I may have figured it out. I had an old node identity that kept popping up from when I reinstalled syncthing on one of the nodes. I kept deleting it but it would just keep coming back. Turned out that two nodes had the introducer activated for each other and they were reintroducing the dead node identity to each other (?).

I turned off all introductions and deleted the dead node and it went away. The sync percentages to the real nodes seems to have been fixed. I’m not sure why the presence of the dead node (which was disconnected, of course) would have messed that up though…