Sync ownership on 3 nodes

Hello, I wanted to sync 3 nodes: home-nas, office-nas and garage-nas with enabled ownership sync. All 3 nodes have the same linux users, groups, uids and gids. When i add a folder it starts infinite sync of all nodes.

Is 3-node with ownership feasible?

What do you mean by ‘infinite sync’?

I have ST running on my NAS, laptop, phone, tablet, chromebook and a VM. I’m sure others have similar (or more). What you’re describing seems like it should be a pretty straightforward setup.

Are you by chance (inadvertently) syncing your sync folders - and the configs? - between all three devices? That might result in a circular situation…

By infinite sync i mean the sync never ends and in recent changes i see node 1 changed file A, node 2 changed file A, node 1 changed file A and so on infinitely every few minutes.

File A is never touched on all nodes.

I did another test - in a 2 nodes setup i set the folder on one of the nodes as Receive only and i get Revert local changes button. When i press this button it shows status as Up to date for a minute and then starts synchronizing and Revert button appears again.

Both nodes run different version of Syncthing 1.27.0 and 1.23.0

If the path /mnt/nas really is a mounted network share, that’s possibly one of the issues.

According to your screenshot, you’ve got file watching enabled, which only works under limited scenarios, so Syncthing must rely on scheduled rescans to detect changes.

Do a stat and sha256sum on “File A” to verify that it really hasn’t been touched in any way.

What type of files and/or applications are using the shared folders?