Sync over the internet using normal router/modem

I am looking for article telling how to sync 2 PC using Syncthing over the internet.

Will UPNP ON be enough for it to work ? (read that the syncthing code use some kind of public discovery server to make this easier )

Do I have to open syncthing internet ports (NAT config) if UPNP is not enough ?

Scenario : Site A : normal ISP with provided modem/router Site B : Samething

Both allow UPNP or to create some custom NAT rules


Syncthing is designed to be capable of synchronizing two computers over the internet without needing to create custom configurations on your routers. The software will try and use universal plug-and-play.

It also uses a feature referred to as global Discovery.

However, being an IT guy, I choose to use port forwarding to make things a little bit faster and more reliable than they can be depending upon where you are in the world and how far apart they are etc.

You can certainly start by doing two default installs and see how things work for you.

Setting up a simple port forwarding rule will ensure that each of your servers knows exactly where the other is located in case UPNP doesn’t give you the desired results.


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See also Firewall Setup — Syncthing documentation if you want to go the more advanced route of opening ports manually. Shouldn’t need to though, if UPnP works. And in any case, Syncthing will probably manage to establish some connection, even if not optimal regarding connection speed.

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