Sync only specific files like Dropbox App

Obviously smart phones have very limited storage space when compared to servers and PCs. It is impractical, inefficient and unnecessary to have to download a very large amount of documents from my devices to my Android if I just want to view one document within my Pulse ‘documents’ dir.

Is there currently (or planned) a feature to only download/sync a specific file(s) on request to Pulse on Android? This would ideally work similarly to the Dropbox app or like mounting a NFS/Samba share. I notice that there is the .stignore feature, but I believe I would need to edit this file everytime I wanted to access a different file on Android.



It has been requested every now and then:

But so far, nobody had the time to add the feature

Suggestion: Maybe the creation of custom .stignore files should be implemented in the GUI?

which @eBait suggested. So, I guess “It is still up for grabs” as @calmh always says… :smile:

.stignore files are editable in the GUI. But it’s a really clunky way to implement selective downloads. I remember there being more issues on the same subject (hence the duplicate tag) but I couldn’t find it now.

My plan is to implement support for Storage Access Framework at some point, which is what Google Drive does (files are downloaded on demand).

Unfortunately, syncthing doesn’t have an API to access files in such a way yet.