Sync one with hundreds or thousand other devices

What do you htink about using syncthing to create soem videos on a Vps linux server and then copy the generated videos into the respective folders in sync with different other devices and use it to send videos to the respective devices? Is there a plan to optimize the same file copyed into different folders from the same Vps to multiple devices that are online, but on the same LAN/WAN eachoter but far/web from the VPS?

It’s totally not obvious what your question is. Can you define what is currently not optimized that you are asking about?

I just made few tests with syncthing, I just would like to know if I can share a folder with 5 devices and all the 5 devices will receive the same file, and optimize the bandwidth usage if these 5 devices are all into the same WAN, when the original sharing folder is on the web.

Define “optimize bandwidth usage”. Also not sure what you mean about a folder on the web.

So you have 2 local networks, the one with the VPS and the one with the 5 devices. You add a file to the vps and don’t want the 5 devices to each download the file from the VPS.

Syncthing can do this, if you connect all 6 devices and share the folder with all. Then each of the 5 devices will download some part from the VPS and share that with the other 4 local devices.

I doubt you will only have 1x bandwidth use, but it should be far away from 5x.