Sync on two WiFi SSIDs

Hello, I am runnyng syncthing on my android phone and wanted to set 2 WIFI SSIDs in which it must sync. It does not work in each ssid, only in one of them and in the other shows “Syncthing is disabled” in notifications. Clicking on notification shows current ssid not whitelisted. Then i click on change settings button at bottom of the message which opens ST settings and withiut doing any change i press back button and ST starts working until next connection to this SSID.

This is a video with demonstration:

How to make it working in 2 SSIDs?

It may or may not be related, but the app seems to struggle with WiFi-detection overall.

Currently I’m unable to set specific WiFi-networks as run condition due to it not detecting the current WiFi-network I’m on - even though I’ve tried several different ones and I’m sure I’m connected ;).

Just for confirmation, is location enabled in Android settings? I needs to be in order for the WiFi conditions to work.

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I think so:

I was thinking about this:

Although, judging by the access time visible in the screenshot, I’m assuming that it’s probably enabled.

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Yes it is enabled:

Yeah, judging by the settings (and the video), the configuration should work fine… Just one last question, is Syncthing excluded from OS battery optimisations?


Difficult to say what the culprit is then :confused:. Is there anything special about the particular Wi-Fi network? Is this a hidden network? Is the network 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz or maybe both using the same SSID? What if you (temporarily) change the SSID to something else? Does the problem still persist then?

Just throwing out some questions/ideas.

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