Sync on the untrusted device breaks after some time

Hello! I’ve got a little bit weird problem here:

I have three devices: my laptop (ilyamikcoder-envy), my phone (FLARE_4) and my VPS/server (vmi333111.contaboserver.met). My laptop has a setup of two systems (Windows and Linux) in dualboot, with the separate Syncthing setups (ilyamikcoder-envy (win) and ilyamikcoder-envy (linux)). My laptop and my phone are linked with each other, and with my VPS. All folders on VPS are in the untrusted / Receive Encrypted mode.

It works fine for a little, but after some time it fails to sync files (freezes), and doesn’t want to do that unless I recreate all of the folders on the VPS, and download everything again. Syncthing restart on all devices doesn’t help.

It also generates sync conflict files for some reason, though files are never changed on multiple devices simultaneously.

Am I doing something wrong? What can be the cause of this?

(P.S. I am not a native English speaker, so I may have made some grammar mistakes here. Sorry in advance.)

Can you specify which Syncthing version you’re using on each device?

v1.23.0 on everything besides FLARE_4, my Android phone (doesn’t have update from v1.22.2 yet)

It’s worth noting, that this issue has occurred more than 5 days ago, when v1.23.0 released - back then all devices were on a same Syncthing versions.

The versions shouldn’t be the problem then. Is there anything special about the files/paths that are getting stuck? Full screenshots of the Web GUI from all affected devices would probably help understand the situation better.

Nothing special, really. On VPS all folders are located unter /home/syncthing/ (and Syncthing runs under the syncthing user, obviously)

On my laptop they’re located in subfolders on the Z:/ drive (or mounted partition at /mnt/cfs, if i’m using Linux) (Note: HTC Desire is an alternative name for FLARE_4. I probably should make this more consistent, sorry.)

On my phone they’re located in subfolders at /storage/emulated/0/ (or internal storage root, if you wish). It’s probably worth noting, that we’re talking about Android 7.

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