Sync new files. Ignore changes to old ones.

Maybe this isn’t within the realm of possibility, But I would like to set up a folder that receives anything coming from another node, But that if I should change the contents in this folder, the changes will stay local and we won’t try to revert them automatically.

Essentially,The receiving folder is supposed to become a queue for an automated script that acts on all The files that it finds there. Once the script finishes working with a file, it puts that file elsewhere. It would be nice if ST wouldn’t automatically put new copies of those files back in the same folder, so that my script won’t process them over and over again.

What happens currently is that if a folder is set to Receive Only and you modify a file inside it, the file is treated as a local addition. If you edit the file on the other device, the new changes are synced, and the previously modified file has now its name changed to a conflicted file. On the other hand, if you delete the file rather than modify it, the new file gets synced in its place, effectively restoring the Receive Only folder state to Up to Date.

It seems that you want to move the file elsewhere, which Syncing treats as a deletion, and then not have the other side push it again when adding new changes to it, right? How about modifying your script, so that it automatically adds such files to .stignore, which will effectively prevent Syncthing from downloading them again?

Thank you Tomasz, for the helpful suggestion. I believe that I can make my script to accomplish this, As it does not move the file until it is finished with it, so there shouldn’t be much time without a file there for ST to think that it’s gone. Just to be on the safe side, can I set up the folder so that There’s a sufficient delay in checking for the changes?

I think it would be best if you added the file to .signore first, and then continue with the script working on it.