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I’m trying to set up a sync between my iTunes library on my laptop and the iTunes library on my desktop. Perhaps self-explanatory but I want to have it so that when I add music to one library it syncs up with other.

Currently I’ve tried cloning the current library onto both devices and then setting up a sync folder on one and sharing it to the other. It seems however that it is registering both libraries as distinct set of folders/items.

Should this be happening and/or is there a way around it? Or is there a surefire way of setting up this kind of system otherwise?

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It’s hard to understand from your description what the issue is, wether thw files end up in different folders on disk or different libraries on itunes. If it’s the former, then I’d double check folder paths, if the latter, we have no ideas into the inner workings of itunes, you should ask the question on apple forums.

Essentially syncthing is creating duplicates of each file in the synced folder on each device. Does that better explain my issue?

The library is 300gb so to save time I cloned the library to begin with on each device and then set up the sync relationship between both libraries. It appears that syncthing doesn’t recognise that the synced folders have identical contents and is as a reaction creating duplicates.

The Syncthing mechanism to transfer the data works pretty good and therefore the transfer was not necessary. I could imagine that it is a permissions or modification time issue.

You cannot have two files with the same name at the same directory. So either you have pointed syncthing at the wrong path, or you are not explaining the issue well, as I don’t understand how you can have duplicates at the same path.

i think one of the problems here, amongst several no doubt, is the size of your library.

Why? There are several user stories about far bigger folder sizes and probably amounts of files as well.


please post screenshot of both devices and if possible a file list of “duplicates of each file”

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I think they’re saying they manually seeded directory B with the contents of directory A and then tried to set up a sync job to keep the two mirroring, but Syncthing sees the copy of file1 in B as a different file than file1 in A.

Currently I’ve tried cloning the current library onto both devices and then setting up a sync folder

Have you tried deleting the current library from one of the devices and just letting Syncthing handle the copying?

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