Sync multiple directories separately or in one folder?

I have two or three large-ish directory trees (e.g., 20GB, with many thousand files in each) that get synced among the same set of computers. Is it best to sync them separately in different folders, or put them both under a single shared folder, or does it make little difference? I’m thinking primarily of speed, reliability, syncing efficiency etc., rather than convenience. Many thanks.

One folder to rule them all. :slight_smile:

There are plenty of people synching much larger folders than that.


It depends. If the exact same folders are shared between the exact same devices, then there’s usually no real reason to split them. On the other hand, if you’re going to utilise ignore patterns heavily to share subfolders between each devices differently, then it may be easier to simply share them as separate folders instead.

Also, I personally like to split very large folders when dealing with low end hardware (and/or mechanical hard drives), as otherwise one folder being scanned/synced can block everything else from syncing. When split into a few smaller ones, even if one of them is stuck, the rest can still upload and download files at the same time.


Ha - I like both answers! I get the picture.

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