Sync messages appear for existing folders on Startup of Syncthing

I have SyncthingGTK and the Syncthing app for Android.

I have set up my sync folders on android, synced to the laptop and accepted them there. Everything set and synced.

Now when starting Syncthing GTK, I get messages that there are folders from my phone awaiting to be accepted, but these are already set up.

On my phone on the other hand, I also get messages for Folders that I have already configured.

Even when I click on “ignore”, they keep on popping up.

Thank you guys in advance!

You should not get messages for folders that are setup AND shared.

I’d verify if that is the case.

Which to me means as a first step check that folder IDs match - what you describe sounds like you shared two separate folders (different ID) with the respective other device.

Possibly Syncthing-GTK is keeping some internal state for the last received event? If that’s the case, it might be trying to catch up on past events, even though the reason for them being emitted is no longer relevant.

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