Sync many and large files

I just read the FAQ part with “Limits of Syncthing / Unsuitable use cases?” Where I found the limit of “the biggest file can be ~12GB (100000*131072 bytes)”.

Is there a way to tune this a bit, since I have movie files which are larger.

And is it a good idea and possible to sync a large movie collection to a synology NAS which is limited to ~0.5GB RAM. (large in this contect mean not many files but large files (around ~1TB in ~400 files))

That FAQ article is out of date; I’ve deleted it. There is no such limit currently.

Should work fine. I suggest using the latest development build (linked above) which is significantly more memory efficient than the latest release 0.9.13 (yeah, things move quickly). It’s going to take a long time to index those files though on first startup, unfortunately. And it’s not going to start syncing them with other nodes until it’s done. This is a known annoyance.

Hey thanks for your fast response. I just updatet my post, since I found out that this synology nas has only 512MB of ram. Is that still enought?

Hopefully. Try it. :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: I will, I keep you informed if it works

For Marvell Kirkwood mv6282 which one should I take?

I just check the builds from crytec but I only saw armadaxp and armada370. According my research it should be armada300.

I guess I found it should be 88f6282