Sync main folder to multi destination with diffrent options

I have main folder A on my computer is sync with folder B on NAS. It work perfect. Now I want sync folder A with folder C on NAS but only have video file avi on folder A.

If I make new folder task on syncthing with same direction to folder A and it warning: Warning, this path is a subdirectory of an existing folder." Ánd it seem have conflict between them. It have override change on my computer and Revert local change on NAs Any idea how to fix that. Thanks

You can’t have different ignore patterns for the same physical directory, since the ignore patterns are stored in the directory, unfortunately. As for the override etc that’s unclear to me, perhaps screenshots of the actual setup would clarify.

  1. ‘Revert Local Changes’ on NAS side

I want to sync just some files ( .mp4, .html,.avi ) from PC ( with multi diffrent kind of files) to NAS folder

Here are ignore patterns I added to NAS side.


Due to NAS create @eaDir folder which contain file ‘.avi’ or other extentions it create so that on NAS side have file in folder @eaDir which on PC don’t have.

So that, on NAS side it display ‘Revert Local Changes’ with items as below

|Bui Thanh Tam/Bui Thanh Tam_GD1/Videos/@eaDir/Bui Thanh Tam_GD1_2.avi|0 B|
|Bui Thanh Tam/Bui Thanh Tam_GD1/Videos/@eaDir/Bui Thanh Tam_GD1_3.avi|0 B|
  1. Warning, this path is a subdirectory of an existing folder on PC Side

    On PC side I create Order Orthodontic and VIDEO+PLAN jobs with same folder to sync

  • On Order Orthodontic job, I sync all files and folder to NAS with same folder name
  • On Order VIDEO+PLAN, I just extract video and some extentions file from folder on PC to diffrent folder on NAS


It show warning on each jobs due to same folder on 2 jobs


How can I fix 2 both of error ?. Thanks alots

Is the Syncthing folder on the NAS set to “Receive Only”?

Yes, Due to I don’t want any change on PC Side. On PC side I set Send Only

I think due to wrong ignore patterns but I don’t know how to fix that

In that case, ignore patterns won’t remove the “Revert Local Changes” error because the @eaDir directory exists on the NAS but not the PC, causing the NAS side to differ from the PC side.

Because the NAS side is set to “Receive Only” any local changes on the NAS side get flagged as a warning. If you ignore the warning other files will continue to sync but the warning will continue to be displayed.

I know that. On other Jobs Sync I add ignore patterns as below to exclude this folder from sync


But the Jobs VIDEO+PLAN I want to include .avi file but on @eaDir folder also have this extension so that I think it add this file to include sync list instead of exclude it folder and all file in subfolder.

The only way to “fix” both errors:

  • Don’t sync a subdirectory with a parent directory that is already being synced.
  • Don’t make local changes to a Syncthing folder that is set to “Receive Only”.

But given your requirements, you will just have to ignore the errors.

Is that ignore pattern on the PC side?

I’m not sure I understand. @eaDir only exists on the NAS. Is VIDEO+PLAN also “Receive Only” on the NAS?

Thanks for your reply. I Think I have to ignore the errors. The sync stil work well but It not display Up to date so that sometime make me disturb and have to check if I make any wrong

As you suggest, I try to change NAS side to Send & Receive and on PC side still Send only. It fix “Revert Local Changes” and change Up-to-date. I don’t know why :grin:

The PC has everything it needs, and it wants nothing from the NAS, so it is up-to-date relative to the NAS.

The NAS is still receiving changes from the PC, so the NAS has all that the PC has (that has not been ignored) and does not need to send changes back to the PC, so the NAS is also up-to-date.

And now you do. :smile:

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Today, I found out problem. If I remove folder and file in PC side, on NAS side it just remove file ( ex: *.avi) inside folder without delele both of them. I add folder and file in PC side it still working well on NAS side. Both PC and NAS sides display Up to date

Do you know why this happening ?

Here are ignore patterns on NAS side ( still Send and Received mode on NAS side and Only Send on PC side)




When using a prefix, it must be at the start of the pattern, so instead of…


… it is this:


Is there more than one @eaDir directory?

Each folder in NAS will have @eaDir due to Synology Driver index

There is nothing change if change the pattern. It still have this trouble

Could you show an example of a folder (plus the contents) on the PC side that has been deleted but still present on the NAS?

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