Sync individual file

I am using the Windows version of Syncthing. I want to sync an individual file. The file is for game data, so I can’t move it, and I can’t manually exclude every other file in the folder because the contents of the folder could change.

Is there a way to accomplish this in Syncthing, or would I be better off just installing a separate program?

See Syncthing’s “Ignoring Files” page:

In a nutshell, you’ll be most interested in the “negated pattern” syntax. You just need two lines in your ignore pattern:


First line is the path to the individual file you want to sync (relative to the root of your Syncthing folder). Second line is a wildcard to ignore everything else including any subfolders.

As for whether using a different program is better depends on what and/or where the game data file needs to be synced to.


This worked, thank you so much!

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