Sync from shared drive to clients


I have a linux box runnng syncthing 0.14.49. This linux box has mounted a share from another storage and a folder in it, where syncthing is looking into. Of yource here can’t filsystem notification work. I hoped that full scan (every 5 minutes) do a good job copying new files to another client (windows based). This work as good as long files where deleted or new files putted in place. Overwriting files, do not trigger the sync, even if they have a different size (ok, jus few bytes) or another date.

Any Idea to tweak ? Is the sync from mounted/shared drives in general suspect ?

thanks in advance Stefan

My money would be on a poor implementation of the remote filesystem, which caches file metadata. File size change (even a single byte) is enough to detect a change. Check if you can mount the remote filesystem with no caching.