Sync from Linux to Mac with ownership - Local additions after rescan


we have a syncthing folder setup as a “send only” folder on a linux system and sync that with a “receive only” folder on a couple of Macs. Syncthing (v1.23.6) on the Macs is started by a user with elevated priviledges. The synced folder on the Macs is located under /Users/Shared/foldername. The “sync ownership” option is enabled. Both systems are members of a domain. The sync completes and all looks good, there are no erros or warnings in the log. Ownership and permissions of user and group get synced totally fine.

But after a rescan ALL Files are marked as local additions. If i disable “sync ownership” all works a expected and we dont get the I tried that with an new testfolder with only a few files in it and was able to replicate the behaviour.

I excluded the mac-folder from spotilight search and experimented with some settings like setting “modTimeWindowS” but that did not solve it.

I dont see a change in the files, there are no extended attributes set / and the timestamp of the files does not change after the sync.

We need the sync ownership option enabled because every domainuser logged in on the Mac needs to have access and should be able to execute scripts/apps from the synced folder. So disbling sync ownership is not possible for us.

Maybe we are blind and do not see the obvious :smiley: It would be great, if someone could give as a hint to solve this issue.


I suspect I never tested syncing ownership cross-platform plus receive-only. Please feel free to file this on GitHub.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Ok great, i will file an issue on Github.

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