Sync folders on the same device

Is it possible to sync folders on the same device?I saw a related thread from 2015, but that’s quite old. I know i can install multiple instances of syncthing, but i was wondering if there was a more elegant way possible.

Use case: I would like to sync folders on my local device and cloud storage, like the MEGA app. (yes, i know mega has sync support but that was just an example)

Btw, can this also be considered as a feature request? Installing 2 different versions of syncthing is quite the hassle, and also would add additional overhead, as pointed by thr 2015 post, which is simply not nice for lower end android devices, which most android devices are Thanks

Is it possible to sync folders on the same device?

No, sadly it’s not possible.

Btw, can this also be considered as a feature request?

The way syncthing is designed internally makes this very hard to implement. I think there already exists an issue for this on the issue tracker, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Link for the issue?

The issue appears to be locked, so I assume there’s no work being done on it?

No, nobody is working on this.

My personal opinion is that this doesn’t even belong in syncthing (due to complexity this would require in may places), but other maintainers might disagree.

I mean there are 100+ +1’s, so its a pretty popular feature request

Sure, however it’s not like every +1 makes the problem easier to solve.

I am not a dev, but when for a non-developer like me, it doesnt appear too hard to me, at least at first glance. When i try add my own device, i get device already added, so cant we just add a part where if the device is added, we check if the id is the same as the device id we’re adding to. And then, we create a meta-folder which can only pull, i.e, sync in one direction. Again, just a regular user, sorry if it sounds demanding or underestimating the issue

Sorry, but I am a bit lost as to what the purpose of this conversation is at this point.

If you think you can convince us that this is easy and get someone to implement it, I don’t think you will get anywhere.

This is not easy. It’s solvable, but not easy.

I think there is already plenty of explanations of why this is not easy on the issue I’ve linked.

If you think otherwise, then by all means, go ahead and solve it. Action speak louder then words.

Lastly, someone has to want to solve it. I don’t think anyone from the maintainers is currently interested in solving this.

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